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Body Composition Smart Scales

The business of Arboleaf Corporation is to help you tracking your health, everyday.

Many of us are health conscious; we want to monitor our weight, body fat, BMI, and other body compositions, for our own fitness and wellness. That’s why we offer you Arboleaf® Smart Scales, the bathroom scales of today’s smartphone age.

Arboleaf® Smart Scales and free Arboleaf Mobile Apps help you track your weight, track your body fat, effortlessly. Well, effortless means you still need to step on your scale, then we will do the rest. You work hard on losing weight and keeping body fat lower, knowing your numbers is much easier with Arboleaf. Our app will present you entire analysis of your body compositions, current and history. We help you achieving your goals.

It is what we do here in Plano, a Dallas Texas suburban. We are passionate about our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and suggestions about Arboleaf® Smart Scale products.

Thanks for using our products. Thanks for enjoying our apps. Thanks for visiting our website!

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Thanks for using Arboleaf smart scale products. Thanks for enjoying our apps. Thanks for visiting our website!