How can I connect the app to Google Fit?

The Arboleaf app is able to make seamless connections to the Google Fit app. Your weight data can be shared to your Google Fit account automatically. Follow the below steps. You need to have a Google Fit account first.

(1) Tap on the “Settings” icon on the “My Account” screen.


(2) Find and tap on “Google Fit.”

(3) Enable Google Fit.

Enable Google Fit

(4) Use your Google account to login to Google Fit. If your phone has more Google accounts, you may need to choose one to be used for Arboleaf to share weight data. Sign in to your Google Fit. You may need to sign up if you don’t have Google Fit account yet.

Sign in Google Fit

(5) It should now go to your “Google Fit” app, indicating a successful connection is made.

Google Fit connections complete

(6) After you use your Arboleaf scale, your weight data will be uploaded to Google Fit. You can log into your Google Fit app to view your weight.

Google Fit screen with weight from Arboleaf scale