How do I compare changes in the data measured at different times?

Follow the steps below to compare data measured from different times:

(1) Tap on “History”, and then tap on the clock icon at top right.

(2) Tap on a date you’d like to compare; the measurement data will display under the calendar. Tap on “Select Data” (upper right corner).

(3) Tap on this data set to select. Once selected, tap on “Comparison.”


(4) Repeat (2) & (3), to select another set of measurement data for comparisons.

Comparing measurements

(5) You can compare more sets of measurement data, simply repeat (2) & (3) to add more data sets.

Comparing multiple measurements

(6) Swipe horizontally to see all the results of one set of measurement data, BMI, Body Fat, Body Water, etc.

Comparing weights and also body compositions