Please advise how to get more accurate measurements

In general, to properly use the Arboleaf Body Composition Smart Scale is easy and straightforward. You just do it naturally, like using a traditional digital bathroom scale. The following provides some general guidelines. To those who need to read warnings or special attentions about the scale, please click here.

(1) Place the scale on a flat hard surface, such as tile or hardwood floors. Don’t place the scale on soft carpet.

(2) Make sure your gender, age and height are correct.

(3) Choose right mode: Athlete or regular. People who are athletes or muscular, should choose Athlete mode.

(4) Calibrate the scale before measurements. Apply pressure to turn on the scale, and wait “CAL” back to “0.0”. At this point, calibration is complete.

(5) Now you are ready to measure. Step on the scale barefoot, no socks or shoes. Make sure your both feet are on the electrode pads on either side. Stand still without movements during measurement. Your weight will flash twice, and “0” move back and forth. When your weight displays again, your measurement is done.

To measure barefoot, both feet are on the electrode pads on either side

(6) In order for measurements comparable, take measurements at about same time and under similar conditions. Empty bladder before weighing. Do not measure when your body is wet.