I’d like to set up my scale for multiple users, what should I do?

Your scale supports unlimited number of users. It is perfect for your entire family use. It is very useful for situations like Yoga classes, weight loss clubs, etc.

Three types of users are supported:

(1) Individual scale users. Each person downloads Arboleaf app to one’s own smartphone, creates a separate individual account. The user’s measurement data syncs with the user’s own app. Each person is independent and keeps measurement data private. This is the most common practice for multiple people to use one scale. Share the scale but not the data. To make sure to keep your measurement private, you need to open your app each time when you use the scale, so your measurements will be synced to your app immediately.

(2) A scale user is under an account owner. The user does not have an independent account. This user’s measurements sync to the account owner’s app. The account owner has measurement data of all users. Some examples of this type of users are: children under their parents, or a group of people under their coach. It is ideal for parents to track their children’s weights or fitness coaches to track their clients’ progresses.

To add such a user, please do following.

  • Tap on “My Account” at bottom right, then tap on “Add a user.”


  • Tap on “Add a Scale User”. You need to fill in this new user’s name and personal info. Tap on “Confirm” when complete.


(3) The 3rd type is called “Friends”. Each friend has an individual account, syncs data to one’s own account. One user can “Add a Friend”, then a friend request will be sent out. After the friend request is accepted, the two users become “Friends”. Between the two friends, they can view each other’s measurement history but not other’s personal information in the profile. It is great for weight loss buddies to hold each other accountable and encourage each other.

  • To add such a Friend, go to “My Account” > “Add a user” > “Add a Friend”.


The following image shows an Account owner (Jessica) has two users under her account (Nicolas and Emily) and one friend (Chris Anderson).

Example of multiple users: Scale Users and Friends