Smart Scale CS20N
Smart Scale CS20N

Smart Scale CS20N

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  • Comprehensive body analysis - Old scale may only measure weight, body fat, and BMI, but with this upgrade smart scale, you will get a long list of new info. Bone weight, muscle weight, visceral fat average, and body fat percentage, as well as water weight, etc. A better weighing scale for your fitness.
  • Accurate and consecutive readings - 4 high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2lb with 400lbs, and 4 sensitive electrodes work hard together to ensure measurable results in a row accurate.  Step-on technology is applied to enable auto zero in weight scales.
  • Clearly aware of your body changes - The scales for body weight show you instant weight and the app record and generate a trend line that makes progress visible. Set your target weight and go for it. And pay more attention to dimension than the number on your body fat scale.
  • Easy enough to set up the app - Go to download Arboleaf at the App Store or Google Play, take several seconds to set your account, and then start measuring. The app supports transferring the data to popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit by Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Unlimited user profiles - Arboleaf weight scales for people enable add multiple user profiles, which means it can intelligently identify every user and match its historical data, which allows whole family members to share the same bathroom scales.

●CS20M Smart Scale

●Instruction Manual

●3 AAA batteries

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Amazon US Brand Smart Scale No.1

CS20N Smart Scales

Keep Your Weight in Check

Keep Your Body in Shape

CS20N Smart Scales with body fat and water weight allows you to make your own calls to your bodies by helping you accurately analyze your 14 health metrics. Based on these precise body measurements collected by the arboleaf smart scale, you can then decide which body type you want to pursue and make your own plans: either lose fat first or gain muscle. In this way, arboleaf BMI scale can assist you to find the correct fitness paths and help you to reach your goals much quicker.

Maximize Accuracy with Four Sensors
Reliable Readings

By adopting the sensing technology, arboleaf body scale has 4 highly-sensitive electrodes. Place the arboleaf body composition scaleon a solid surfaceand simply by standing on the conductive area ,14 body compositions can be detected and recorded. Note that a5-10 second of one standwill allow more consistant and accurate measurements.

Track Progress with Your Fingertips
See Changes Before Mirror Shows You

The App of arboleaf digital weight scale records data and organizes them into insightful graphs so that you can see your ups and downs clearly. Weekly, monthly and yearly changes are tracked accurately and you can now make goals based on practical data of yourself.

One Scales for whole family
Unlimited Users Unlimited goals

CS20N Smart Scales allows who you care to share the same App together. Unlimited user profiles are allowed. Let your whole family or your roommates join your workout routines and become healthier together.


Step 1, check if the batteries are properly installed.
Step 2, reset the scale by taking out one battery for 5 seconds and
putting it back in.
Step 3, reset the Bluetooth connection, and ensure Bluetooth and
GPS(For Android) are enabled on your phone.
After trying the above operations, it still does not work, please contact
us to solve the problem for you.

Use it on a hard floor, don't use it on the carpet, and don't put anything
under the scale. Measure with dry, bare feet, and ensure that the feet
are completely covered with 4 electrode pads. Do not cover anything on
the scale when measuring. The measuring time is about 15 seconds,
don't get off the scale in advance.

Make sure your phone's operating system is running on iOS 8.0 or
above, or Android 4.3 or above. Download and open the newest version
of the Arboleaf App. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone (for Android
users, make sure your Location is turned on as well).

When the weight continues to be unstable, it will display "Err1" for 2
seconds before shutting down. After the weighing is completed, it is
detected that there is a weight pressed on it, and the screen display is
not turned off to enter the zeroing process. If the zeroing is not successful after 10s timeout, it will display "Err2" for 2 seconds and then shut
down. If you meet the above error hints, please step off the scale, let the
scale auto-calibrate and then weigh again.

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