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keep your weight in check , keep your body in shape

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Arboleaf Mobile Apps

Detailed body mass data & Comprehensive body change trends

14 Essential Body Compositions & Accurate Readings

Arboleaf digital weight scale has 14 body metrics including body weight , body fat percentage , body water percentage , body type , visceral fat , muscle mass , bone mass , BMI , BMR , and metabolic age. This info can be detected by our smart scales and digital bathroom scale.

By adopting the sensing technology, arboleaf body scale has 4 highly-sensitive electrodes. Place the arboleaf body composition scale on a solid surface and simply by standing on the conductive area ,14 body compositions can be detected and recorded. Note that a 5-10 second of one stand will allow more consistant and accurate measurements.

See Changes Before Mirror Shows You

The App of arboleaf digital weight scale records data and organizes them into insightful graphs so that you can see your ups and downs clearly. Weekly, monthly and yearly changes are tracked accurately and you can now make goals based on practical data of yourself.

Keep Your Weight in Check
Keep Your Body in Shape

Love yourself deeper , be decisive in the kind of body you want to pursue

Keep Your Weight in Check
Keep Your Body in Shape

Know yourself better , be more confident in yourself

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