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Comprehensive reflection of your physical condition through 14 different measurement data

The weight scales with body fat and water weight can tell you 14 essential body compositions including weight, body fat %, body type, visceral fat, body water %, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, BIM, metabolic age; Clear trend graphs allow you to track progress easily with your fingertips and stay motivated along your fitness journey only by 1 simple step to arboleaf digital scale

Set your health goals

Easily set your goals, you can get the above scientific body data through the Arboleaf Health App to reflect the completion of your goals.By adopting the sensing technology, arboleaf body scale has 4 highly-sensitive electrodes. Place the arboleaf body composition scale on a solid surface and simply by standing on the conductive area ,14 body compositions can be detected and recorded. Note that a 5-10 second of one stand will allow more consistant and accurate measurements.You can check the Arboleaf Health App anytime to see how well you are accomplishing your goals.

Try to see how your body's health data changes by week , month , year

The Arboleaf Health App records data and organizes them into insightful graphs so that you can see your ups and downs clearly. Weekly, monthly and yearly changes are tracked accurately and you can now make goals based on practical data of yourself.

Immediately share your recent workout achievements with your friends and family

Arboleaf bathroom scales for weight allows who you care to share the same App together. Unlimited user profiles are allowed. Let your whole family or your roommates join your workout routines and become healthier together.

Precisely control your food intake

The Arboleaf Health App has an extensive searchable USDA food database to counter your intake and nutrition information. You can also scan the UPC code on the black food scale with the app tracker to get all the nutrients, not just the calories. You can learn cooking recipes shared by others and share your own. The mini food scales will work well if you started a meal plan for Keto, diet, health, or bodybuilding!

Learn more about the composition of your food intake

The Arboleaf Health App can track your intake daily/weekly/monthly/yearly by measuring calories/fat and other more than 20 kinds of food nutrition. Electronic portable scales can weigh jewelry measuring, candle, resin, herb, and soap-making commercial business, or finding a new nutritional recipe to try meal prep, these historical data will be very helpful.

Keep Your Weight in Check ,  Keep Your Body in Shape

Unlimited Users, Unlimited goals

Arboleaf Health App allows who you care to share together. Unlimited user profiles are allowed. Let your whole family or your roommates join your workout routines and become healthier together.

Professional Athlete Mode

If you are a very sports person , please turn on our athlete mode, More accurate capture of body data after exercise , so that you can make more professional exercise plans

Sync to Popular Fitness Apps

The 14 body metrics that are detected by the Arboleaf smart scale will be uploaded to the App via Bluetooth and synced to fitness Apps including FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple Health. Just choose the Apps that you wish your data can be shared to in the setting on the App and the data will be synced automatically.

1 Step, 14 Key Body Composition Analysis

Body fat and water weight scales can tell you 14 basic body composition including weight, body fat % , body shape , visceral fat , body water % , muscle mass , bone mass , BMR , BIM , metabolic age ; clear trends Graph allows you to easily track your progress with your fingertips and stay motivated on your fitness journey, combining with the Arboleaf Health App to use the Arboleaf Digital Scale in 1 easy step

What our customers think

Walter Nguyen

Easy and fun to use!

This app is amazing! All the details it gives you. I was feeling frustrated not knowing if my hard word was working towards weight loss, but having this scale has help my motivation! It even tells you the ounces of weight.It definitely helps those desiring to really loose weight and get healthy. 

Jaime P. Lovci

Easy to set up and connected all the dots

So easy to set up.Auto paired to iPhone health;to Fitbit.I’m 70 and I am doing my best to be pain free & medication free.The best way to do that is take control of your own health.And I can use the motivation as well as the automation.Healthy Diet exercise & supplements.This app does all your calculations for you.No excuse not to stay fit.It completed my wellness quest.

 John Jacobson

More Information Than You Might Realize

This is an amazing product. After installing the app on my Android phone, I had access to an entire panoply of health test results, including BMI, Body Fat %, Body type, Visceral Fat (important for assessing cardiac risk), Body Water, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, basal metabolic rate, and metabolic age. For those who are interested in keeping track of their progress towards a healthier you, this scale could be an excellent investment.


My favorite part is how we are all on one app

I just recieved this product and already love it! I love that I am able to add my 3 kids on the app under their own name, height, and age. It tells if they are over, under, or at a normal weight. At first I didn't know how to connect the bluetooth but it was pretty easy to do it. The product looks just like the picture. I also plan to get me a Fitbit soon and I will be able to connect that to the app as well!


Provides critical information I need

All the additional data it gives me about my health concerning about the source of that weight. For instance, I drink more water than anyone I know yet my percentage of body water is actually low. Maybe that is why I am always thirsty and that is something I am going to ask my doctor about at my next physical just in case it is an indicator of something more serious. Also, my BMR as measured accurately by this scale is lower than average even though I exercise and this helps explain why I am having trouble losing weight even thought I count my calories taken in through food. This information has led me to decide that I need to purchase some type of heart-rate monitor to accurately measure how many calories I am burning through exercise.

Gabrielle Marie

Tracking multiple aspects

Love the additional information this provides and seeing fat and muscle %s change as I workout is super motivating. I’ve seen my weight stay the same but fat go down and muscle go up. I had no problems syncing with the app with my iPhone and the app is nice and organized. I love the ability to see graphs as your weight is plotted overtime.