Basic Fees for Battery Replacement for Arboleaf Products

Product Model

Base Fee (USD)
Body Scale CS10A $30.00
Food Scale CK10G $10.00
Massager CM20C $20.00
Massager CM40A $22.00
Massager CM40F $20.00
Massager J2 $20.00
Scalp Massager CM11B $18.00
Face and Neck Beauty Massager AM-810 $15.00
Intelligent Hand Massager KX-707 $15.00
Eye Massager M11 $14.00
Heat and Cool Massage Head $10.00
Cordless Heated Eye Mask ME10A $7.00
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor SP10A $18.00
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor SP20B $18.00


*This base fees includes only the material and labor costs incurred in replacing the product's battery.