I have two scales at different locations. How to connect the right scale with my app?

You will need to add your 2nd scale and pair it to your phone. When you measure, you may need to select right scale in your app. Here are the steps.

(1) On app’s “Measurements” screen, tap the “+” icon on the upper right corner.

"Measurements" screen: tap "+" on the upper-right corner

(2) Select “Device Management.”

Select "Device Management" to manage your scale

(3) On the “My Connected Devices” screen, you should see one scale. It is your 1st scale. We need to pair your 2nd scale here. So tap the “+” icon on the upper right corner to enter the “Pairing your device” screen.

"My Connected Devices" screen: tap "+" on the upper-right corner

(4) Step on the scale. The new scale will show up on your app’s screen, and tap on the scale icon to pair.

"Pairing your device" screen: tap the scale icon to pair

(5) Once paired, you should see your 2nd scale appears on your phone. Your scale and app are ready to use. You only need to do it once.

"My Connected Devices" screen: two scales have been paired

(6) When you switch your location to use a different scale, your scale should be synced to your app automatically. If not, just tap on the different scale icon on “My Connected Devices” to select the right scale.