Massager CM20C

Portable. Lightweight. Poweful.

Say goodbye to your muscle pain


Handheld massager CM20C

CM20C is compact and portable but very powerful. It is smaller than a hair dryer. You can carry it everywhere you go.

Deep Massage anytime, anywhere

It uses the force of percussive therapy to deliver a deep tissue massage in targeted areas and trigger points. An attachment head effectively strikes your muscle tissue 1000 to 3200 times per minute, which helps muscles release tension and brings blood flow to the specific areas. More blood flow helps to reduce inflammation and eliminate lactic acid, relieve your muscle pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, and expedite your muscle recovery and healing process.

Featuring 4 massage nodes and adjustable intensity levels 倾斜45度查看按摩头第一下慢 第二下快 低三下慢

Adjustable intensity level can adjust the strike depth in real time according to your pressing pressure. From 1000 rpm to 3200 rpm.

Simple one-button control 底部按钮切换动图 突出灯光档位

Switch between massage modes and adjust the intensity level with ease.

Interchangeable Massage Heads


Ideal for large muscle groups like glutes or quads.


Perfect for loosening back shoulder tissue and improving flexibility.


Great for massaging large muscle groups and overall use.


Designed for massaging the spine and neck.

1.03 lbs

Massager CM20C is compact and lightweight. It only weighs 1.03 lbs.

You can choose a nylon accessory case or a flannel bag to hold the CM20C and its components so you can take it with you for treatments on the go.

Long Battery Life

CM20C can continuously use for over 8 hours, or stand-by up to 180 days. If you use it 30 minutes every day, you only need to charge it once in two weeks. The built-in rechargeable battery connects through a popular USB Type-C cable quick charge interface.


Ultra Quiet Device

The measured sound level is only 45dB. CM20C deep tissue percussion muscle massager is suitable for anywhere, in an office, a gym or even with your bedroom.