Body Scale CS10A

Precision meets Performance.

Segmental Body Scale CS10A

Segmental Body Scale CS10A revolutionizes health monitoring with its 8-electrode technology for unparalleled accuracy. It makes tracking and managing health metrics a seamless, scientific process for everyone. An essential tool for enhancing health management in any household.

The most realistic measurement data

The 8-Electrode Revolution

Discover Your Health, Redefined

The 8-electrode technology in CS10A is an innovation that seamlessly blends into your life, sending gentle, undetectable currents through your body’s extremities. It's akin to having an intelligent health assistant that meticulously examines your body's composition, from your fingertips down to your toes, and across the core, to curate personalized insights. This method not only ensures precision but also paints a vivid picture of your health landscape, revealing the true essence of your body’s composition with unparalleled clarity.

Beyond Whole-Body Insights, Explore the Symphony of Your Health

Dive deeper than ever before with our innovative five-segment measurement. Experience a comprehensive view that extends across your entire being—trunk, left and right arms, left and right legs—each singing its own tune in the harmony of muscle balance and body fat ratios. With this technology, witness the intricate compositions and rhythmic changes of every part of your body, bringing clarity and precision to your health journey like never before.

High-Precision Sensors in Handles

Ensure accurate capture of bioelectrical signals for detailed health metrics.

USB-C High-Speed Data Cable

Facilitates rapid and reliable transfer of your health data for immediate analysis.

LED Indicator Display

Provides clear, at-a-glance readings of your health parameters in real-time.

ITO Conductive Film Glass

Enhances sensitivity and accuracy of measurements across the scale's surface.

Precise. Safe.

ITO Conductive Glass

The CS10A features 5mm high-strength safety glass coated with Indium-Tin Oxide (ITO), leveraging advanced sputtering technology for superior accuracy. This robust yet precise approach redefines standards in health tracking.

With the integration of ITO technology and the PU-BIA data analysis system, the CS10A achieves a level of measurement precision that rivals large-scale professional body composition analyzers. This compact, home-friendly device brings professional-grade body composition insights right into the palm of your hand, showcasing that excellence in health monitoring doesn't have to come in a large package.

The CS10A achieves near-perfect alignment in key metrics when compared with Arboleaf professional body composition analyzers.


Fat Percentage Fit Delta

±1.5 L

Body Water Fit Delta

±0.7 lb

Protein Fit Delta

Safety, reflected in every detail.

5mm high-strength safety glass

The CS10A features a 5mm tempered glass surface, thoughtfully engineered to minimize the risk of injury, keeping your well-being at the forefront.

Smooth, rounded corners to reduce toe stubs.

Encrypted cloud servers in the U.S. ensure your privacy.

Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis Report

Periodically review your detailed body composition analysis reports, which can be printed for sharing with your personal trainer or healthcare provider, helping tailor a fitness and health plan that's just right for you.

The CS10A comes equipped with a powerful Type-C data transfer port. It not only transmits measurement data from the handles but also offers rapid charging for the device.

90 Days

A single charge powers for up to 3 months

Actual battery life may vary based on usage and other factors. 3 months duration is estimated based on typical daily measurements of 1-2 times.