How to use different types of massage heads correctly?

How to use different types of massage heads correctly?

The more common massage guns on the market are equipped with four massage heads, the correct use of different massage heads for different body parts will make your massage relaxation effect twice as effective! Next, let me introduce you to the specific functions of each massage head, I hope it will help you to use the gun afterwards!


1. Round (ball) massage head

It is mainly aimed at massaging the large muscle groups of the body, such as the pectoralis major, deltoid, latissimus dorsi, and gluteus of the body, as well as the muscles on the thighs, triceps, quadriceps and calf areas are available for deep fascia relaxation.
2. Flat massage head
This shape of the massage head can be applied to most muscle groups throughout the body, taking care to avoid the body's bones and large arteries for vibration massage.
3. Bullet (shiatsu) massage head
Cylindrical massage head can be carried out on the soles of the feet and palm massage, because like spherical or flat head for massage palm lack of target, so the cylindrical shape of the massage head can solve this problem.

There is another is that the cylindrical massage head can be for muscle deep fascia for relaxation, such as the body hip deep massage vibration, cylindrical massage head is a good choice, of course, provided that you use the fascia gun has the force!
4. U-shaped (fork) massage head
The design concept of this shape massage head, because the fascia gun is to relax the body fascia and muscle tissue, not our bones, if the massage on the bones will hurt our body, so the U-shaped massage head is designed to cleverly bypass our cervical spine and spine. It can perfectly massage the muscles and acupuncture points on both sides of our cervical spine and spine, so the U-shaped (fork-shaped) head is very suitable for relaxing the muscles on both sides of the spine and cervical spine, as well as the muscles of the Achilles tendon of the heel.
After understanding the body parts targeted by each massage head of the massage gun, let me introduce you to the different parts of the body to be massaged!
1. Back massage
Back massage, along the sides of the spine, in the position of the vertical spinal muscles in the direction of the muscle filaments, you can massage up and down. Remember not to move too fast, to massage evenly. You can also perform a horizontal massage in the position of the waist.
2. Shoulder massage
Place it in the area of the muscles around the shoulder and gently glide it from top to bottom in the direction of the muscle filaments. ,The same goes for the middle part, taking care to massage evenly, all the way to the back side of the shoulder.
What areas should avoid using the massage gun on?
1. At joints, tendon ligaments, small muscles


Such as knee joints, elbow joints, or fingers, toes, etc., these parts of the muscle is usually less, blood vessels, nerves are also closer to the surface of the skin, massage gun high-frequency vibration, easy to cause damage.

2. More blood vessels and nerves

Including the back of the hand, inner thighs, chest, etc., the vibration will bring some pain relief, if it is applied to the parts with more blood vessels and nerves, it may be more difficult to detect the injury, blood vessel rupture without knowing.

In addition, it is not recommended for people with poor peripheral sensation, diabetics, abnormal coagulation or those taking anticoagulant drugs.

Wrote by Mia Myers

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